Why Papernic?

It is compatible with every business model due to its easy to use, low cost and flexible structure.

Easy Identification

You can make specific definitions for your needs such as document classification, multiple labeling and custom fields creation.

Easy to Access

Accessible from anywhere with the mobile app.

Enterprise Solutions

You can host on your own server.Complies with corporate integrations (LDAP, Mail Server, ERP).It is suitable for the production of customized solutions.

Easy to Use

Not require expertise, is easy to understand.Find the document or content you're looking for easily.

OCR / Optical Character Recognition

  • OCR is a technology that enables you to convert documents, PDF files or images captured by a camera into editable and searchable data.

  • Digitalize document-image content with advanced OCR infrastructure from anywhere.

  • Has multiple language support.
  • Share and follow up of the documents of taxpayers / freelance accountants and tax payers.

    Tracking of lawyers / law firms, clients and case files

    Personnel files in company, all types of document operations such as incoming faxes and petitions

    Real Estate, Gallery ... inventory processes

    Survey prosesses in research companies

    Archiving of documents in public institutions

    Safe & Secure

    Your data is protected from unauthorized access. PaperNIC uses 256-bit AES encryption to transmit data.


    Supports multi-user environment with each user accessing documents with their own permissions.

    OCR / Optical Character Recognition

    Scanned documents can be automatically translated to text in a user-specified language, allowing you to search within the document.

    Tag Identification

    With Papernic, you can categorize your documents by associating them with the tags you'll define.

    Dynamic Field Identification

    You can create custom document types and define customizable fields.

    Enterprise Integration

    Integration with different systems (LDAP, CRM, ERP, Exchange etc.) by API infrastructure.


    $ 19 Per Month
    • Hosted by Papernic
    • Multilanguage user interface
    • 1 GB storage limit
    • OCR
    • 256-Bit SSL encryption
    • 7/24 customer support
    • Single user

    Enterprise I

    $ 29 Per Month
    • Hosted by PaperNIC
    • Multilanguage user interface
    • OCR*
    • 256-Bit SSL encryption
    • 7/24 customer support
    • 5 users

    Enterprise II

    $ 39 Per Month
    • Hosted by PaperNIC
    • Multilanguage user interface
    • OCR *
    • 256-Bit SSL encryption
    • 7/24 customer support
    • 20 users
    * Limited to 1,000 pages per month.